About us

Our Story

We have been designing incense burners since 10 years ago. Our founder Harrison Hutton, is a meditation enthusiast and has many years of experience with incense burners. He lived and worked in India and China for several years, and during this time he saw many incense burners with unique designs and different cultural concepts, which helped him a lot to be inspired by the design. In order to design his own incense burner, he decided to quit his job and started a project to design incense burners and gradually bring his best work to the market and share it to more incense burner lovers.

Our Craft

Our achievement

With the unique design and affordable price, it is clear to see why more and more customers have become our loyal fans. And we offer realistic shipping rates to all parts of the world as well as excellent customer service. We also offer plenty of help, advice and assistance with your purchase!